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My name is Jaive. I am a Papua New Guinea writer and this is my special garden. I call it My Amazing Paradise.

Papua New Guineans have been practicing gardening for thousands of years.

We were practicing agriculture long before many cultures in the world.

Gardening is an important activity in our lives, even in these mordern times. Many of us have sweet potato gardens, bananna plots, cabbage patches, corn feilds, mandarins trees and more.

Alot of us have special gardens where we collect different species of plants from all overand grow in our plots.

When I was small I collected bananna suckers from all over my mothers province and planted them on our land and land that belonged to my relatives.

They were all kinds. Sweet fat banannas, long sweet banannas, cooking banannas, wild banannas, banannas that colored your urine, banannas that you couldnt eat..many, many types.

As I have grown up, I have come across others with special gardens.

Some collect trees, others collect flowers and orchids, while others grow all kinds of sweet potato and some just love showing you the immense variety of peanuts in their garden plots.

This blog is like one of these special gardens.

I am collecting stories from all over Papua New Guinea and putting them all here, on this online garden.

So that you may wander through and be inspired and help these stories grow, to reach new audiences, new generations and new gardeners.

But like all gardens, there will come a time when it all ends and the lands is left to grow wild again. After the last province is visited, I will share the last post and stop travelling.

So Please Enjoy.

If you want to contact me email jaive@myamazingparadise.com


1 Hardy { 12.10.10 at 16:55 }

Thanks for this iniative. Its time we promote our country to the world through this medium..Credits to the initiators..Stap wantaim upla..

2 Dino { 02.13.11 at 0:48 }

Hi Jaive, the website and content are absolutely divine ;-) ….ROCK ON!!!!!!

3 Nelson { 03.11.11 at 1:08 }

Jaive, just browsed in…idea is great hope TPA is doing their bit :)

4 JAA { 04.06.11 at 21:16 }

This is a great site Jaive, congrats!

I am going to PNG for Christmas and New Year and will be in Port Moresby and my mother’s village in Gulf province for most of it, seeing family. But I really want to see another part of the country. It’s hard to get a feeling of a place to visit for 3 nights from external tour operators. They all seem to focus on diving but I want to see a beautiful beach, island life and some of the culture and history.

Manus looks amazing, have also asked my travel agent to look into options in Alotau, Kavieng and Madang. If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it!

I am so excited, have not been back to PNG since I was 8 and will be visiting with my boyfriend.

Thanks and good luck on all your adventures

5 Jaive { 04.29.11 at 3:26 }

JAA, shoot me an email

6 John { 05.30.11 at 14:23 }


Your movies are a great example of *video ethnography* – extremely useful to anyone visiting Manus, but also I imagine they would be a nice record of life on Manus for the people who live there.

I work on the Pohowa language, spoken on Manus, and I’d love to see a video featuring the language (and all the other fascinating language of Manus). I guess language doesn’t make quite as interesting a subject as the green snail when it comes to making a video!

7 Claudia Nicholls (Ah-Chee) { 08.19.11 at 3:13 }

I had tears, when I looked at Bouganville, It has been a long time since I have been back. Went to School there Arawa High. Keep up the great job that you are doing.
Kind regards Claudia.

8 Jaive { 08.21.11 at 6:07 }

Hi Claudia, Good to hear it brought back memories.

9 Joys { 09.09.11 at 7:12 }

Hey Jaive, it was way back in school that knew you were man on a mission. This website and the metaphore you use for your inspiration is inspirational itself. We should all be making gardens and sharing it. The pictures are awesome! Keep moving forward bro.

10 Joys { 09.09.11 at 7:24 }

Oh! and…please, you are more than welcome to track up to the Kum Caves than across the mountain to the Bila road, have a cup of coffee at Rondon Ridge and enjoy the scenic view of the Hagen ranges. My boys will be happy to take you there. I’ll come along for the walk and annoy the hell out of you with my yapping :)
And Dino! you’re welcome to come too.

11 Mark Moser { 11.29.11 at 16:43 }

Hi Jaive
I grew up in Dauli Teachers College (close to Tari in the SHP) and love d it. Thanks for this website and all the great pics and information!

12 Mimz { 12.07.11 at 23:14 }

Proud of you jaive. Keep up the good work!!!!

13 Chris { 11.02.12 at 22:40 }

Hi Jaive
Bro keep up the good work, I come from Manus born and bred and we all (Manus Peoples) know what you mean, the place, where ever you go, is beautiful, interesting, amazing and colourful. The languages are unexpected, one person speaks one language that the other cant speak but replies in his language that the other can understand. unbelievable and exciting. I love my Province and my Country.
Keep up the good work and keep it coming

14 Jaive { 11.04.12 at 8:42 }

Love this country bro!!

15 Florence { 01.15.16 at 21:25 }

A fresh new way of sharing information. I easily connected with your site. Well done! I like it.

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