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Once Violent Surinki Tribes Unite for Peaceful Mass in 2012

While much of Papua New Guinea may have celebrated the New Year with partying and alcohol, the people of Surinki, a place once notorious for violent tribal fights, brought in the first day of 2012 with peace and calm.

The community in Enga created their own history when over 3000 members of various churches held a multi-denomination mass on the 1st of January at the open air auditorium of Yaskom Hotel & Resort. [Read more →]

January 15, 2012   2 Comments

Striving Against the Odds – for Peace & Business in Enga

“The child who is a warrior now, where is his future tomorrow?”

One of the Classrooms built by Yaso Kome

It was philosophical question, a musing on the place of the traditional warrior in a modern, progressive Enga.

The soft spoken Engan gentleman sitting in the drivers seat of his Toyota Landcruiser asked it calmly, the glint in his grey eyes reflected his unwavering belief – that the way to peace in his often violent province can be found with the children.

His name is Yaso Kome.

We had parked the car at a former tribal battleground. There was nothing here at one time; everything that was here, houses, crops, cars, pigs, dogs, and people were destroyed in one of Enga’s notorious tribal fights between enemy clans. [Read more →]

November 11, 2011   3 Comments

Lake Surunki – The Water On top of Papua New Guinea

There was a duck, a beautiful black duck with yellow spots watching us as we approached the edge of the lake. I took up the camera to take a picture, but the bird wasn’t interested. It calmly fluttered its wings and flew further into the lake, stirring up the waters as it went.

A breeze blew across the lake creating waves that rippled towards the edge.

Lake Surunki, Enga

It was beautiful day in Enga Province – a part of the highlands of Papua New Guinea. The sun shone brightly, its light glistening off the waters. But it wasn’t a hot day. It was nice and cold here. [Read more →]

September 10, 2011   1 Comment