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This is the directions to get to Blackrock with pictures. You can read the article on Blackrock here.

Magi Highway

Travel down the Magi Highway heading to Hula. This road goes past Loloata Resort and March Girls resort and past the last roadside markets.  Keep driving until you reach the Three Way Intersection.

(The exit to Magi Highway is at 6 mile in Port Moresby.) [Read more →]

January 11, 2016   1 Comment

The Waiap Orchid Lodge – A Dreamer’s Legacy

What happens when a dreamer dies in Papua New Guinea? What happens when the shining light of a rural village, the person with the dreams and ideas, the one with the spark, the one who learns from elsewhere and starts a project to teach his people about science and botany, passes away?

Ipi's daughters at the entrance of Waiap Lodge

If you visit the Waiap Orchid Lodge in Enga, about 1 hour of Wabag, between Surunki and Laiagam along the Highlands Highway, you will find the Waiap Orchid Lodge. Behind the house is a hill, fenced all the way to the top.  The fence protects a  beautiful forest garden filled with orchids, trees and shrubs, and alive with the sound of birds. [Read more →]

October 10, 2011   4 Comments

Balimo Is Beautiful – Her People, Her Culture, Her Nature

Word Count 2532. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes. Photos: Only the Best of Balimo!

Balimo is beautiful. The sun rises and sets on the most beautiful lagoon in PNG created by the floodwaters of the dark, fresh water Aramia River that winds its way down from the highlands of Western Province.


Balimo, more photos at the bottom

Along the Balimo shores white, pink and purple water lilies blossom as canoes cross the dark fresh water and moor along the vivid green grass as the gentle lagoon winds whisper through the water reeds.

Pelicans, pigeons, doves, hornbills, kingfishers, ducks live and die here and above eagles soar high to gracefully dive the waters like brown and white arrows, talons extended at the last minute to catch silver fish. [Read more →]

May 17, 2011   11 Comments

Little Canoe Girl of Bougainville

Once upon a time, there was this little girl….

I shot this video of a little girl with a canoe in Bougainville, at Pidia village. This village lies below the hills of Kieta-Arawa. This village is where they will shoot the Mr Pip video. I hope this little girl is in it. Enjoy.

April 6, 2011   No Comments

Pidia Village – One Night in a Village in Bougainville

“ When you are travelling in the canoe at night, you have to slap the side of the canoe with the paddle every time you bring it out of the water, so the dugongs know that you are approaching,” the young man explained to me.

Mother & Child at Pidia Village

Mother & Child at Pidia Village

[

January 6, 2011   1 Comment