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Road Trip: Mt Hagen to Wabag on the Highlands Highway

If you are ever in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, one thing to do is take a road trip from Mount Hagen to Wabag and upwards to Porgera along the Highlands Highway.

The Highlands Highway is the major road network for Enga. It begins in the coastal towns of Lae and Madang and snakes up into the Highlands Region. The part of the highway that come through Enga passes through Wapenamanda, Wabag, Laiagam and goes as far as Porgera, the site of the giant Porgera Gold Mine. [Read more →]

October 20, 2011   6 Comments

The Kings Fall of Manus (& why I renamed the Sombrun Waterfalls : )

I love waterfalls! Seriously, who doesn’t?!

The bigger they are, the more water cascading down, the higher the falls, the bigger and deeper the pool, the more ‘mysterious’ and jungle clad it is, the more fascinating the fall becomes.

The King Falls, Liap. More pics with this post.

I have been to waterfalls all over the country. Some large, some small, some which fall from such great heights the water turns to mist and droplets, others that power down hard, cold and fast, knock you off your feet, pound your brain senseless. [Read more →]

April 29, 2011   5 Comments

Daugo Island Sun Rise Over Port Moresby, and the Papua we forget.

Have you ever seen the sun rise over Port Moresby city from the sea? It’s a magnificent golden glow that rises quickly in the east up over thesea and the brown hills, merges with the city night lights before absorbing it all effortlessly in its embrace. As the light becomes stronger, the city’s few high rise buildingssparkle across the harbour, the city becomes a giant shimmeringbeacon that draws its awakening people towards it.

Sunrise of the city waters

Sunrise at Port Moresby waters ( Daugo Island, also known as Fisherman Isl). More pictures at the bottom of the post.

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March 14, 2011   5 Comments

Pidia Village – One Night in a Village in Bougainville

“ When you are travelling in the canoe at night, you have to slap the side of the canoe with the paddle every time you bring it out of the water, so the dugongs know that you are approaching,” the young man explained to me.

Mother & Child at Pidia Village

Mother & Child at Pidia Village

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January 6, 2011   1 Comment

The Best Coffee Shop Up at Panguna

On my recent visit to Panguna, I was surprised to find a coffee shop with freshly baked scones. [Read more →]

December 19, 2010   1 Comment

The Amazing Cultural Gem in Bougainville; the Manee Resource Centre

Bougainville: High up in the hills of Kongara, overlooking Kieta and Arawa is an amazing idea, just waiting for the intrepid traveler too stumble upon.

The Manee Resource Centre

The Manee Resource Centre. More images at the bottom of this post

The Manee Resource Center is a brilliant project in the middle of the Kongara mountain forests being built for the preservation of certain old traditional knowledge of people in this area. It is entirely self funded.

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December 17, 2010   8 Comments

Jared’s Unique ‘Custom’ Store at Panguna

Jared is a shy Panguna man with an eternally, youthful smile. He doesn’t say much when you talk to him, just a few words and then the smile!

Smiling Jared

Smiling Jared showing some sweet potato baskets

But this simple man runs one of the most unique trade stores in all of PNG. [Read more →]

December 13, 2010   4 Comments

Arawa Market – Reflects Bougainville’s Blessings

If you ever get to Arawa, the market in the dead center of town is the first place you should go to have a ‘taste’ of Bougainville.

Big bunches of banana that you would buy for K5 ot K10 in Port Moresby are 50t!!!!! Awesome!!!!! Sweet potatoes, sweet Bougainville taro’s, ‘choko’ greens, beans and other leafy vegetables, smoked fish and jungle protein, so much food here. [Read more →]

December 11, 2010   8 Comments

The Panguna Mine Experience…part 2

(Continued from previous post, the Panguna Mine Experience Part1)

Panguna Mine

Young Nelson & Bosco looking over Panguna Mine. More pics at the end of this post.

Before the crisis, the Panguna town supported 3,500 people, married and single that worked at the mine.

Facilities included supermarkets, post office, banks, schools, medical center, chemist, schools, cinemas, gymnasium and sports equipments, taverns and more.

Staff was housed in either the married quarters or the single quarters depending on their status. [Read more →]

December 5, 2010   15 Comments


At the end of November 2010, I was waiting for a PMV at Arawa to head up to Panguna.

Steps Up to Old Residence at Panguna

Steps Up to Old Residence at Panguna. More picture at bottom of the post.

I was a bit worried about getting past the much talked about No Go Zone at the Morgan Junction a few kilometers outside of Arawa town. [Read more →]

December 5, 2010   13 Comments