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This is the directions to get to Blackrock with pictures. You can read the article on Blackrock here.

Magi Highway

Travel down the Magi Highway heading to Hula. This road goes past Loloata Resort and March Girls resort and past the last roadside markets.  Keep driving until you reach the Three Way Intersection.

(The exit to Magi Highway is at 6 mile in Port Moresby.) [Read more →]

January 11, 2016   1 Comment

Blackrock is Secret Paradise: You Are Never to Old to Dream

It was on the boat when I realized that there was more to this beach club at Blackrock.

The skipper, Parko, a wiry man from Central Province with an old withered look about him, was drifting his gaze across at the sandy point as we motored slowly out in his boat to meet some fisherman dropping lines further on.

His eyes had a far away look as he spoke about how one day several decades ago, when he was a small kid, his father had brought him and his siblings for a day trip to enjoy a picnic and swimming. His father had borrowed a camera and had taken photos of the beach as it stretched and curved into the horizon that day. [Read more →]

January 11, 2016   2 Comments

The true story of Takime, the legendary female leader of Enga

On a visit to the Enga Cultural Centre, the Take Ande, I was introduced to a legendary Engan leader who through necessity, brilliance, perseverance and very strong internal values, overcame some major hurdles to achieve significant social status and strong tribal influence.

One of the wall mounts about Takime

The remarkable aspects of this legendary person was that first, she was a female and second, she had married into the tribe.

Her name was Takime. She was born in around 1911 and married Lapinyo, a man from the Waripa clan of Enga. They had two sons, Keko&Temo, and their marriage was a normal one as it was back in those days. He did all the men’s works and roles in the tribe and as per custom, she looked after the kids, tended the gardens, fed the pigs and attended to all the female roles.

But one day, her husband was killed in a tribal fight.  Her sons were still very young and the distraught widow had to make a decision on what to do.  She decided that the boys still needed a father.

So she made an extreme option.

Instead of marrying another man, she decided that should be both mother and father to the boys. [Read more →]

March 6, 2013   6 Comments

Striving Against the Odds – for Peace & Business in Enga

“The child who is a warrior now, where is his future tomorrow?”

One of the Classrooms built by Yaso Kome

It was philosophical question, a musing on the place of the traditional warrior in a modern, progressive Enga.

The soft spoken Engan gentleman sitting in the drivers seat of his Toyota Landcruiser asked it calmly, the glint in his grey eyes reflected his unwavering belief – that the way to peace in his often violent province can be found with the children.

His name is Yaso Kome.

We had parked the car at a former tribal battleground. There was nothing here at one time; everything that was here, houses, crops, cars, pigs, dogs, and people were destroyed in one of Enga’s notorious tribal fights between enemy clans. [Read more →]

November 11, 2011   3 Comments

Gogodala Culture and the Amazing Village of Kini

The Gogodala People of the Mid-Fly area of Western Province,  live in several villages in the Balimo – Aramia River area. These villages include Balimo, Kimama, Kini, Adiba, Kawito, Katale, Kewa and Uladu.

Dancing Mask on. Gogodala pictures at the end of this post

As well as staying at Balimo village for a few days, I also made a trip to the very cultural Kini village whose people were nice enough to talk to me and show their culture.

I thought that I would write this article about some aspects of the traditional the Gogodala Culture and my visit to Kini Village, including sharing some great photographs and information on the art and culture alive at the village. But first, some info about the Gogodala. [Read more →]

June 20, 2011   2 Comments

Balimo Is Beautiful – Her People, Her Culture, Her Nature

Word Count 2532. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes. Photos: Only the Best of Balimo!

Balimo is beautiful. The sun rises and sets on the most beautiful lagoon in PNG created by the floodwaters of the dark, fresh water Aramia River that winds its way down from the highlands of Western Province.


Balimo, more photos at the bottom

Along the Balimo shores white, pink and purple water lilies blossom as canoes cross the dark fresh water and moor along the vivid green grass as the gentle lagoon winds whisper through the water reeds.

Pelicans, pigeons, doves, hornbills, kingfishers, ducks live and die here and above eagles soar high to gracefully dive the waters like brown and white arrows, talons extended at the last minute to catch silver fish. [Read more →]

May 17, 2011   11 Comments

Some Sepik Baskets with different designs

When I was small, everyone use to talk about Sepik baskets. Whenever someone went to Wewak and came back, everyone will be pestering him to give them some of the baskets that he has brought back.

Sepik Baskets, more at the bottom of this post

Sepik people are famous for these beautiful baskets that they weave from special reeds. [Read more →]

May 2, 2011   2 Comments

Little Canoe Girl of Bougainville

Once upon a time, there was this little girl….

I shot this video of a little girl with a canoe in Bougainville, at Pidia village. This village lies below the hills of Kieta-Arawa. This village is where they will shoot the Mr Pip video. I hope this little girl is in it. Enjoy.

April 6, 2011   No Comments

Baluan Island, Manus – A Difficult, Mysterious and Beautiful Part 1

About 38km Southeast of Manus and up to a maximum 3hrs in total travelling time by motorised dingy from the Loniu Bridge lies the mysterious volcanic island of Baluan.A place of historic importance to Manus and to Papua New Guinea.Three hours is the estimated maximum time to get there.


Mysterious Baluan, more images at bottom of the post

I arrived there at around 5.10pm Thursday 17th February, 4hrs later than I had planned. [Read more →]

March 26, 2011   10 Comments

Baluan Island PartII – Five Reasons to Go

About 38km Southeast of Manus and up to 3hrs in total travelling time by motorised dingy from the Loniu Bridge lies the mysterious volcanic island of Baluan.

Baluan Mother and Child

Formed by an extinct volcano locally known as Malsu (pronounced Mal-sue), Baluan rises some 200 plus meters out of the sea. [Read more →]

March 26, 2011   11 Comments