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Road Trip: Mt Hagen to Wabag on the Highlands Highway

If you are ever in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, one thing to do is take a road trip from Mount Hagen to Wabag and upwards to Porgera along the Highlands Highway.

The Highlands Highway is the major road network for Enga. It begins in the coastal towns of Lae and Madang and snakes up into the Highlands Region. The part of the highway that come through Enga passes through Wapenamanda, Wabag, Laiagam and goes as far as Porgera, the site of the giant Porgera Gold Mine. [Read more →]

October 20, 2011   6 Comments

Sogeri – A Road Warrior Adventure

Sogeri is one of those special places for any person who grew up in Port Moresby or spent some time here. One reason is that Sogeri is a massive departure in terms of environment from dry, dusty and boring old Port Moresby.


It’s an ever green cool environment with beautiful rivers, lush savannah, waterfalls and great look outs.  The Hombrom’s bluff epic ridge line dominates the landscape, heavily vegetated; its majestic presence captivates the imagination and makes you wonder what lies beyond it. [Read more →]

August 4, 2011   4 Comments

The Panguna Mine Experience…part 2

(Continued from previous post, the Panguna Mine Experience Part1)

Panguna Mine

Young Nelson & Bosco looking over Panguna Mine. More pics at the end of this post.

Before the crisis, the Panguna town supported 3,500 people, married and single that worked at the mine.

Facilities included supermarkets, post office, banks, schools, medical center, chemist, schools, cinemas, gymnasium and sports equipments, taverns and more.

Staff was housed in either the married quarters or the single quarters depending on their status. [Read more →]

December 5, 2010   15 Comments


At the end of November 2010, I was waiting for a PMV at Arawa to head up to Panguna.

Steps Up to Old Residence at Panguna

Steps Up to Old Residence at Panguna. More picture at bottom of the post.

I was a bit worried about getting past the much talked about No Go Zone at the Morgan Junction a few kilometers outside of Arawa town. [Read more →]

December 5, 2010   13 Comments

Hawaii Island of Manus, where the sea breaks on live ammunition

I hired a boat for K100 to take me to Hawaii Island, about 20 minutes east of Lorengau. It actually doesn’t cost that much to get out there, maybe K20 at the most, but I wanted to wander around the other islands sightseeing as well.

October 10, 2010   19 Comments

Manus Island, Lonui Cave & Purple Cave Crabs Video

I traveled to Manus Lorengau for a few days. One of the memorable things i did was take a bicycle and a video camera and ride 45 minutes out of Lorengau to the Loniu village, near the Momote airstrip to video the massive cave system at Lonui village. [Read more →]

October 3, 2010   3 Comments

Manus Island – how to get there and get around

The following account of travel to Manus is based on my own experience of traveling there and getting around. It costs a bit of Kina but it is worth it if you want an adventure of a lifetime. [Read more →]

September 30, 2010   2 Comments

Manus Island, a simple travel guide

A short guide to the Manus Province, the Manus People and to getting there and getting around.
1.    Manus Island
2.    Manus People
3.    A Simple Guide to Getting Around in Manus

1.  Manus Island

Manus Island is the smallest and one of the most beautiful of Papua New Guinea’s provinces.
It consists of several islands that form the Admiralty Islands.  The largest island is Manus, after which the province is named. [Read more →]

September 30, 2010   14 Comments