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Gogodala Culture and the Amazing Village of Kini

The Gogodala People of the Mid-Fly area of Western Province,  live in several villages in the Balimo – Aramia River area. These villages include Balimo, Kimama, Kini, Adiba, Kawito, Katale, Kewa and Uladu.

Dancing Mask on. Gogodala pictures at the end of this post

As well as staying at Balimo village for a few days, I also made a trip to the very cultural Kini village whose people were nice enough to talk to me and show their culture.

I thought that I would write this article about some aspects of the traditional the Gogodala Culture and my visit to Kini Village, including sharing some great photographs and information on the art and culture alive at the village. But first, some info about the Gogodala. [Read more →]

June 20, 2011   2 Comments

Balimo Is Beautiful – Her People, Her Culture, Her Nature

Word Count 2532. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes. Photos: Only the Best of Balimo!

Balimo is beautiful. The sun rises and sets on the most beautiful lagoon in PNG created by the floodwaters of the dark, fresh water Aramia River that winds its way down from the highlands of Western Province.


Balimo, more photos at the bottom

Along the Balimo shores white, pink and purple water lilies blossom as canoes cross the dark fresh water and moor along the vivid green grass as the gentle lagoon winds whisper through the water reeds.

Pelicans, pigeons, doves, hornbills, kingfishers, ducks live and die here and above eagles soar high to gracefully dive the waters like brown and white arrows, talons extended at the last minute to catch silver fish. [Read more →]

May 17, 2011   11 Comments