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The Giant ‘Avatar’ like Trees of Sohano Island

I was shocked by the size of these huge raintrees on Suhano Island in Buka. These were huge, with massive overhanging branches like something out of a Hollywood movie. No doubt these trees on this historical island must be at leasts 100 yrs old. The giant Suhano Island trees are in the photo below. To give you an idea of the scale of the trees, there is a man, at least 6feet tall standing at the base of the tree on the right.

Giant Suhano Tree with man standing underneath.

Giant Suhano Tree with man standing underneath.

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February 13, 2011   5 Comments

Manus Island Momote Airport – A video of an amazing airport

Momote Airport in Manus is the only Airport for the island province in Papua New Guinea. Its on the Los Negro Island and during World War II was one of the important air and marine basis first for the Japanese Army and later for the Allied Forces who captured the base from the Japanese. The Allied Forces used its strategic location to their advantage in the WWII Pacific Campaign. In this video, my friend Kuiox and I drive around the island after I arrived. [Read more →]

November 12, 2010   1 Comment

Rarar Island Beach, one of the best swimming beaches in PNG

Seven days is too short a time period to spend in Manus. There some great spots that I didn’t have the time to see.
Hot water streams and World War 2 relics, isolated caves with stalagmites and islands of pearly white beaches and undiscovered world war bunkers and sunken ships.
But what I have seen has been quite spectacular. I find myself constantly asking, why can’t I capture on my digital camera, what my eyes sees.
Sparkly emerald green and clear sea that leads to beaches of the finest sand.
For example, Rarar Island and its amazing beach.
Rarar Island Beach

Rarar Island Beach

Rarar Island’s beach is (to me anyway) a better experience than Wom beach in Wewak. Some may argue that I am wrong, Rarar beach is too small, it’s not long enough etc, etc…but Rarar offers one thing that Wom does not. [Read more →]

October 23, 2010   3 Comments

How to Break World War II Bullets, Manus Style

Hawaii Island, Manus Province, Papua New Guinea. World War II bullets litter this small island. I earlier posted pictures and a short story of my visit to the island. In this video, the islanders show how to break two live bullets for me. [Read more →]

October 16, 2010   3 Comments

Hawaii Island of Manus, where the sea breaks on live ammunition

I hired a boat for K100 to take me to Hawaii Island, about 20 minutes east of Lorengau. It actually doesn’t cost that much to get out there, maybe K20 at the most, but I wanted to wander around the other islands sightseeing as well.

October 10, 2010   19 Comments